Malang Ladder Bookcase

Malang Ladder Bookcase

Our new and exclusive Malang//CMALANG ladder bookcase has been handmade from solid wood. Each piece of wood has been sand down by hand to create a smooth finish and then stained with luxurious warm brown colour. Through the lovely hue, natural wood grains can be seen which accentuates the rustic characteristics. The five different width shelves create great depth and make this wooden bookcase an exquisite piece of furniture. Measurements: W65cm D39cm H183cm Our furniture is delivered fully assembled by our team of experts so please ensure that you have measured the access route to its final placement carefully. Measuring up for your furniture//imeasure Materials and Construction Each Malang ladder wooden bookcase has been constructed from Solid, warm stained, wood. A light layer of natural beeswax can be used to prolong the life of the wood. Care Instructions Use natural beeswax to prolong the life of the wood. Any scratches can be covered with a dark wood stain. Keep out of direct heat. Wood and product care//iwood Warranty Lombok offers a one year guarantee//Acs_terms as standard on all furniture products. In addition to this, we also offer a five year protection from Guardsman for stains and accidental damage. Click here for details//PFGFURN1 . View our complete range of ladder bookcases//CLADDERDES

Price:  £ 225.00

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