Would you deny your daily beauty ritual for a 5 sec BB cream apply?

beauty ritual 5 sec BB cream apply

Definitively! After spotting the new gem of the beauty industry > Complexion Perfector BB SPF20, my beauty ritual has turned a lot smoother and flawless as my skin.

This BB cream is brought to us by the Hungarian luxury cosmetic brand Omorovicza and is being referred as the “Swiss army knife of the beauty industry” for its all-in-one exclusive feature.

“Complexion Perfector BB SPF20 is a moisturiser, foundation, sunscreen, concealer and anti-aging cream all-in-one!” (in Omorovicza)


And … what is a BB cream?


bbcream garnier

BB creams are also known as Blemish Base or Blemish Balms, and have been leading the beauty trends due to their popularity in Asia as multi-performance creams that simultaneous sets for a primer, concealer while healing, soothing the skin and protecting against UVA/UVB damage.

Originally created by a German dermatologist in the 50´s, the skin care cream was formerly used in post laser surgery’s to protect and heal the skin, and additionally providing light coverage and reducing redness. The introduction of the cream on Asia and particularly in South Korea put it on the spotlight of beauty industry as the new secret of Korean actresses for a perfect light uniform and flawless skin.

Only recently, the BB creams have been launched in the western markets, introduced by cosmetic brands like Garnier, Clinique, Dior and Estée Lauder and now, with an exclusive formula, by Omorovicza.


How does BB cream works? How to use it?


This beauty wonder is all about having impressive and beautiful skin with the less effort needed and all in one bottle! It covers all the purposes you would find in several different creams:



cream type

hydrates  moisturiser
lightens skin  primer
evens out complexion  foundation
reduces redness  concealer
protects from UV damage  sunscreen           
soothing and anti-aging  anti-aging cream              


Essentially in one application you will cover at list six fundamental steps in your skin care, and in result you will have a beautiful skin with a perfect ethereal shimmer effect.


What makes Complexion Perfector BB SPF20 an innovator BB cream?


Complexion Perfector BB SPF20 from Omorovicza is taking now a leading position on the BB creams sector as its unique formula leaves out silicone, an ingredient that is fairly present in other BB creams and that forms a coat layer in the skin resulting in trapping dirt beneath it that would penetrate the skin pores.

Its formula contains Vitamin C that diminishes free radical damage and increases cell turnover trough the production of elastin and collagen. The skin fine lines and wrinkles are resurfaced and plumped gradually trough the release of the hyaluronic acid deep within the epidermis while ruby crystal helps in reducing the appearance of imperfections and reddish.

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