‘Cozy living room’ in Home Style Moodboard

'Cozy living room' in Home Style Moodboard

Today´s Home Style Moodboard brings ideas for a cozy living room in natural and earth tones with a touch of antique brass elements. It’s so good to be at home!


  1. Padang Sideboard
  2. Metal Plated Round Mirror
  3. Mena Tall Table Lamp In Antique Brass
  4. The Armelle Armchair In Grey Linen
  5. Mandara Ladder Bookcase
  6. Organic Patchwork Cushion
  7. Alpdeign Grey Rug
  8. Water Hyacinth Flared Basket Set
  9. Manado Coffee Table
  10. Seta Rectangular Windlight

Do you like this home style moodboard?  Leave us a comment, share ideas & tell the world about it!  We heartiu you !

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